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Bodywork correction with a wedges pad


Polishing in a sanding booth


Car Repairs, MOT testing


Plastic Welding


Exhaust Repair


Collision Cars’ Insurer Administration


Windshield Replacement


Rent a Car


Car rescue



I started my small-scale activities 25 years ago on 9th February in 1982, 25 years ago as a panel beater, in Balatonalmádi. First it ran as a one-man business then through the good quality repairs I expanded my garage to have 3 repair pits. At this time my profile was still bodywork correction.

In 1987 a certain need for car repair and expanding my activities I also started to deal with repairing cars.

Because of the increasing traffic and the lack of a polishing workshop, further enlargement became important in order to fully serve our Customers.

In 1992 we moved our business from Balatonalmádi to a repair shop in Veszprém which we rented from the Veszprém Bakery Company. That was the time when we started dealing with body painting with the products of Standox.

Until 1997 we worked in this rental property and after that we started the greatest development of this business. We moved to a 3300 m2 site on Almádi Street which we bought in 1996 and on which we rebuilt an 800 m 2 ensemble. This way the bodywork, the repairing and the polishing workshop got separate places.

The building gained its current form in 2002, in which room was made for the customer’s area, work records, offices and for social rooms and at this time was the landscaping of the site done and in front of the building a parking lot was established.

In our highly equipped bodywork and polishing workshop we are delivering quality work with our qualified, highly experienced professionals.

Our bodywork shop is equipped with a CAR-O-LINER wedges pad, a plasma cutter of type PRIMA, a welding equipment which is capable of welding steel and also aluminum and a plastic welding-repairing equipment.

Our polishing workshop has the most up-to-date 3M PPS technology and also the most modern Standox Standohyd water-based polishes, polishing cabins of type OMIA Secomat which has the most up-to-date heating technology and which is equipped with its own polish mixer.

On 3rd December, 2003, with the help of the Leader Board of the MOODY International, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008-compliant quality management system, thereby committing ourselves to quality.

Since 1992 we are training students with the profession of bodywork and polishing.

In 2006 in the SZKT National Competition our polishing student won II. price.

Iván Kertai

Managing Director, Owner